About Wellbert:


The team

Our team is constituted -for the moment- of a person: Philbert Mahé, creator of Wellbert-généalogie, IT technician, developer of sites and Web applications and enthusiast of genealogy.

The idea

I began my genealogical researches in 1996. At that time, I made with the means which I had: my paper index cards, my notes, my pencil, my gum and a lot of courage. I thus spent whole weeks in various centers of departmental archives almost everywhere in France in search of my ancestors.

From the beginning, I had only a purpose: be able to represent the fruit of my researches on a huge poster. I did not still know how I was going to take myself there, but I wanted to obtain a tree with all my represented ancestors, in a single piece, to have a beautiful view of the set, even if it means that it makes several square meters of surface.

In 2001, I decided to bring in all my data on my computer a software of genealogy of which I had just installed. I was very enthusiastic at the idea of being able to obtain in the end a graphic representation with all the individuals that I had gone into the base. But I was fast disappointed by the trees which made this software. Although it was the "most successful" and succeeded in the market, he proposed me only three sorts of tree: ascending, descent or mixed.

The principle of the mixed tree pleased me well but it would have been necessary to be able to apply it to all the represented individuals and not to the only one !

I remained thus frustrated not to be able to show all my ancestors on one and the same sheet.

In 2007, I began a reconversion in the computing and I finally discovered a way to realize what I had in mind.

I thus made my 1st family tree with this new technique and I was able to gather on a single plan all the 600 people whom I had on my file Gedcom. Well on, some people (the descendants of certain collateral) were not able to be represented, because their links were astride the others and it did not give a fluid and satisfactory visual result.

All this took me a crazy time but it is necessary to say that I am a little bit stubborn and that I am not of the style to abandon a project which holds me just heart because I do not find solutions to realize it.

In 2009, I had the opportunity to specialize in the IT development and Web, what allowed me to improve still my technique of construction and especially the time of realization, although it remains rather long, because many thing are made " for the hand " (what explains the proposed price lists).

I am proud to be able to suggest you this custom-made service and realizing your tree as you dreamed about it. Because today still, in 2014, nothing changed on the possibilities of the software of genealogy (except can be the 3D, but which is perfectly useless for the printing in 2D!!!).

Only Wellbert proposes family trees so complete.

The company

Since 2010, date of creation of Wellbert-généalogie, hundreds of family trees were realized (some of several thousand people). All these trees are unique from part their forms, their colors and their dimensions(size). 

By concerns of confidentiality, no customer's tree is visible here. Only the generic model used, reduced to some hundred individuals is exposed.

 It is impossible to present all the models on this site, the graphic possibilities are infinite. By combining the characteristics of the various trees of the catalog, we could obtain thousands of different models. That's why the "custom-made" service in created summer.

Every tree " Wellbert " is unique.


Wellbert-genealogie.fr is a service of conception of original family trees and large format.

 - Wellbert-genealogie.fr intervenes only on the structure and the graphics of the tree.

 - Wellbert-genealogie.fr does not impress of tree.

 - Trees are "virtual" products and are delivered has the e-mail address of the customer under format PDF.

 - Wellbert-genealogie.fr does not make genealogical researches for the customer.

 - In the case of filled trees, it is the customer who supply the data and only in format Gedcom (.ged).


The specificity of Wellbert-généalogie is to be able to propose the most complete downward and mixed family trees of the market.

No current software of genealogy, even the most successful, can build a tree so complete as those proposed on this site. For a very good reason: A created tree-automatiquement-by a software of genealogy is only the "base" of departure to become a tree " Wellbert ".

A tree " Wellbert " will always be more complete than another coach the technique of construction - in the hand of the tree allows to add a maximum of collateral everywhere or it is possible.

For example, on a tree of descent, it is possible and easy "to transplant" another parallel descent, in any place. Thing which a software of genealogy is incapable to make.

It is enough to look closely at the examples of trees descendants or mixtes (Custom-made product) proposed on this site to see the possibilities offered by the technique of construction " Wellbert ".

Every branch, every cell, every letter of the tree is totally dynamic and modifiable. Size, color, aspect, shape. Everything can be personalized.

The only limit is your imagination.



The care brought to the conception(design), the choice of the elements of decoration, the used vectorial technology and the method of integration of the data allow to create trees of a graphic high quality.

A tree Wellbert, it is for you the guarantee to visualize clearly and on a single plan the result of your long researches.

It is the most beautiful way to reward your efforts by offering you this visual show.