Fill a family tree online with your gedcom data.

Wellbert Graphic Tree Builder is a software specially designed to help you achieve your online family tree.

WGTB allows you to create your family tree and customize.

To make your family tree with your gedcom file is very simple.

Please visit the homepage of  WGTB, cliquez the button "Browse". Choose your gedcom your records and send the file.
WGTB the family tree software

WGTB sometimes ask you to "make a mapping" of your gedcom file. It's very simple: Just click on the column titles and the title match with the data in column (City, county, department number, region, country, etc.).

Once the mapping is complete, you can click "Import  gedcom".

Fill a family tree online with your gedcom data

If the columns are empty, there is no mapping to do. Leave all the tracks on "Ignoreand click directly on "Import gedcom".

To discover all the possibilities WGTB, the easiest way is to try it.

Discover now this online application:

Wellbert Graphic Tree Builder