Why to receive my family tree in the format PDF?


Since November, 2013, date of modernization of the site, Wellbert-genealogie.fr proposes no more printings and deliveries in the paper format, but only the delivery of a file PDF.


Why this choice?


For several good reasons:


            - Team-Wellbert genealogy is composed of only one person. Go to the printer and prepare parcel post takes a lot of time and energy. The choice was made to focus this energy on the design of family trees. The time saved can be devoted to the creation and launch of new models of trees (which can meet the demand of many customers who want to see more models online presentations).


            - Wellbert-genealogy does not have printing equipment. So it may not offer you attractive prices for paper prints.


            - You save shipping and transport.


            - The rates now delivered in PDF format charts were reviewed and calculated at the fair.


            - Once your tree in PDF format received, you can print as many times as you want (in accordance with the Conditions Of Use). This is particularly interesting in the case of virgin trees to fill.


            - If you live at the end of the world, it is easier, faster and cheaper to get your tree in PDF format by email to receive parcel.