Custom-made family trees

Since the creation of Wellbert-généalogie in 2010, we realized hundreds of trees. All these trees are unique from part their forms and their dimensions.

There are on this site dozens models of blocks, frames, backgrounds, fonts and available colors it represent thousands of possible combinations trees..

We cannot thus all represent them on this site.

If a model is presented to you like but you want to add , modify or delete any of its components , simply ask us by mail detailing your request.

Also, you can call your tree by choosing the items in the "Accessories ".



Some examples:

- Tree descendant " reversed ": This form is uncommon yet very logical in its representation as being our ancestors 'roots' , they are placed at the bottom of the tree.

- Tree ancestry " reversed ": This form is uncommon than the last. It follows the same logic of representation with the ancestors placed at the bottom of the tree.

- Insertion of blazons in blocks individuals, on the idle places of the tree, between the lines or in background with the transparency of blocks.

- Insert pictures in individuals blocks, watermark or background with transparent blocks.

- Insert comments or notes next to some individuals blocks.

- Added on collateral descendants of ancestries or trees (if you only have a few people to add, there is no need to make a complete Mixed tree).

- Creating title blocks of different shapes. Ability to create original blocks from a photo or a vector drawing.

- Resize the tree to the nearest mm (or inch) to obtain a desired size ( to fit in a frame, for example).

- Reorganization of individuals blocks for alignment with the photo background ( such person on a sun , another in the clouds, separate branches of the family , etc. )

- More than 20 different fonts.


The list of possible changes is not exhaustive.

Wellbert - genealogy answers to all your questions and advise you to carry and shaping your tree.

Request your free estimate

The link this above opens an e-mail prefilled on your " customer of messaging " (Outlook, Thunderbird, e-mail, Lotus Notes) installed on your PC. If it does not work formulate your request in the section "CONTACT". We shall answer you as soon as possible.

After study of your request, we shall propose you a free estimate.

After acceptance of the estimate, we send you a model (a small tree of about ten individuals) containing all the elements of your customization, to allow you to see well the final result.

After validation of the model we realize your tree as soon as possible.